Wednesday evening sailing

Catalina 25 SailboatI have access to a large sailboat at Branched Oak Lake, north of Lincoln (30 minute drive from campus).  I can take four people sailing besides me and I will sail every Wednesday afternoon/evening, weather permitting.  The suns sets about 8pm, so if we could start sailing by 5:30pm we could get some great sailing.  Branched Oak is a state park and you must have a season permit or pay a daily fee ($5) upon entry.  I suggest that the group carpool out (I will be there early to get the boat set up, so I won’t be part of the carpool).

The following dates are available for sailing.  As people sign up, I will modify the schedule here:


August 26

Savannah, Noah, Cavett

September 9

Kyler, Mariah, Alex, Ria

September 16

Cristian, Alison, Annie

September 23

 Aly, Annie, Madi, Alexa (?), Alec